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Written, and arranged for string orchestra by yours truly. Hope you all enjoy! Please share with all you know and help me fight the good fight for the arts programs getting cutt in our low income communities. God Bless.

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This is when its time to unleash. Its a good feeling to sell out of shows knowing they all came to see you. Thanking good for his blessings is a must. I remember almost 5 years ago while on the road with Yelawolf when we used pull in places lucky to have 15 people show up. I guess not excepting failure and having faith can do wonders after all. Blessed.

No one can shake me when Im in my zone. This is how I create and visualize before I crank up Vice Versa by Pastor Troy. Then Im ready to hit the stage.

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Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven (cover) - Ashanti Floyd “The Mad Violinist” & Matt Barrett (by TheMadViolinist)